I’ll be solving a case study from BCG Digital Transformation program via InsideSherpa. In the future, I’d like to transition into a digital transformation/ technology consultancy in a full-time consulting firm (I work in tech consulting now) and after attending Lagos Business School where all my courses were case-based modules, my interests have grown and I am sharpening my skills to make this transition a reality.

I have been taking courses and webinars that teach how to crack cases. Most of these have been from Boston Consulting Group, they pride themselves on growing talent all over the world and they take time to teach enthusiasts how to maneuver cases similar to requests gotten in their firm. They also have tons of activities focused for women, which I am actively involved in. Got to love BCG! I previously took their Strategy consulting case study which I blogged on my LinkedIn, do check it out here. ( I am considering writing about it here also).

Case background

Task 1: Market Research

Your first task today is to do some market research and identify examples of apps that have successfully improved customer engagement for F&B players.

As always, research first. Here’s a rundown of what I did for this task. As requested I got details on popular F&B companies. I researched the top companies in F&B — McDonald’s, Chick-fil-A, Dominos Pizza, Wendy’s, Tacobell, etc. But I settled for Starbucks and Chipotle.

First, I did a research on Starbucks. I picked Starbucks for a more similar approach because my client also sells coffee. I tried to get a background story as to why Starbucks started and why they launched their mobile app later. I also got information on the key features of their app and the objectives of those features.

As consultants, we do a lot of research but focus on the shortest possible ACCURATE answers. Here’s all I came up with after a one-hour research, pardon grammatical errors, I did this on a whim.


My second research was on Chipotle, because it’s an interesting and “unplanned” F&B business. I got all the details on their business, app and delivery models. Like Starbucks, I also got information on the key features on their app and their objectives. None of these companies are in Nigeria so all my research is from Google. Shoutout to Pichai.


With this initial research, I got a firm background of what key F&B players are doing in the market as regards customer engagement and I already had a couple of ideas running through my head about what I would recommend for my client.

My next task is Use Case Development/Prioritization which will be in another post. Stay tuned!

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